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Winter arrived and there are going to be days where the air hurts your face. You might be questioning why you live here. Wait…because you haven’t won the lottery. Can’t keep a scarf wrapped properly to stay warm, and still breathe, let alone see. Plus you don’t want other men making fun of you calling you scarf-face but yet you are sick of frost bite on your cheeks (referring to the ones on your face that is).
Perhaps if you grew a big bushy beard to keep you warm while outdoors would be awesome. But what if your partner doesn’t like bushy beards? Or your boss won’t let you have a beard? Or what if you can’t grown a beard?
No problem… We got you covered.

These bushy, bearded - face warmers, will keep you toasty warm and stylish at the same time. You can still breathe, both thru your nose, or thru your mouth if you are a mouthbreather, your glasses won’t fog up, and it’s great for a disguise on those days you don’t feel chatty. Beards are almost completely immune to sarcasm and they somehow let you instinctually know where the nearest mountain is. Wearing a beard triples handsomeness, and gives you an instant transformation into tough, rugged and burly. People will take your outdoorsiness seriously and you'll no longer be viewed as a weekend warrior when you take your lifted truck mall crawling. Women will run to your arm looking for your protection.
Plus it gives you something to stroke while thinking (almost like a fidget toy).
RULE OF THUMB: When two beards cross paths, the larger beard has the right of way!!!

We’ve got almost any Colour you could imagine, to suit your mood. They are all hand made by a local lady in her igloo, here in Calgary, Alberta CANADA, so no need to wait a million years for it to be shipped to you. Sizes are adult, teen, youth and even toddler and baby for fun.

If you live South of Dixie, please send an inquiry, we might persuade the nice local lady to make some mankiny you can wear during those horrid Texas winters.

It does not come with a hat. You can simply wear any hat your want, or no hat at all.
Everyone hates being cold, and so we're doing our best to keep others warm…one beard at a time❤️

Bearded Face Warmer

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