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About Us

We are people with a passion for custom performance tuning, mods, aftermarket performance auto parts, professional service & relationships

We Understand Cars & Trucks

Weather you use it on-road, off-road or as a daily driver we can customize your ride for optimum performance and fuel economy.

We specialize in electronic calibrations ( ECU/TCU software and remapping) of:

GAS Vehicles

DIESEL Vehicles

Diesel HD Trucks

Diesel HD Equipment   

We can assist with diagnostic and troubleshooting other ECU/TCU related issues. This is NOT a "brick and mortar", licensed mechanic's shop, for Maintenance and Repairs please contact your mechanic or dealership, and, for emergency road side assistance please CALL AAA or dial 911


With over 15 years of experience and close relationships with other associates, fabricators and vendors, you can depend on us with your truck.


Software is all we do, and, we mostly work out of a home office. There's no overhead costs of an expensive "brick and mortar" shop. We have set rates.


We work in close collaboration with other tuning techs. If we're not available, someone will contact you and troubleshoot your issue.

  The One-Stop Shop for Enthusiasts of Improved Auto Performance and Fuel Economy*                                Depending on how much fun you're having, results may vary*

      Doekter TUNED has been providing the highest level of electronic calibrations in DIESEL Automotive Software Diagnostic and ECU/TCU Remapping since 2013.  

      At Doekter TUNED - Custom Performance Tuning, we develop custom electronic calibrations and ECU/TCU Remapping for a wide range of Gas and DIESEL vehicles, HD DIESEL Trucks, HD DIESEL - Agricultural, Construction, Mining and Marine Equipment, for improved performance, driveability and fuel economy.

     Although some might expect it, we are NOT a "Brick and Mortar" oil change, tire rotation and maintenance, mechanic's shop. In today's day and age of software and digitization where your vehicle's powertrain is controlled by a ECU/TCU, we work with a network of software techs that can remap and adjust your ECU calibrations to get the most performance improvements and enhance your daily driver vehicle's capabilities for On-Road, Off-Road, or at the Race Track. We work with many of the "Brick and Mortar" mechanic's shops, for whom we troubleshoot issues that require knowledge and sophistication that goes beyond mechanical knowledge.

     Although some of us, Auto Enthusiasts are also interested in Racing , Overlanding and Off-Roading, at Doekter TUNED, we DO NOT condone Street Racing and not only practice but support and encourage responsible Overlanding and Off-Roading. If your dream is to join the 100MPH Club, we highly suggest you leave the "Fast and Furious" attitude for the movies, and, take your vehicle to the track.

     When Overlanding and Off-Roading, please be environmentally conscious. Pack it in/pack it out, stick to the designated trails, and most importantly, observe the seasonal trail closures.

Tested & proven - before any product lands on our "shelves", it's thoroughly tested

Customer service available 7 days a week

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