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Handcrafted Locally using Top Quality Parts.

3/8" Flexzilla Hose Inflter/Deflater Kit!


Our competitors are using cheaper, 1/4" hose and fittings to "save weight" making them less durable and prone to punctures and leaking. Any saved weight is negligible as Flexzilla hose is already very light and flexible, easy to pack in coldest of weather.


- All brass fittings and valve

- Anodized Aluminum Manifold

- Haltec H-5265 Lock-On Air Chucks


Inflate all 4 of your tires simultaneously, at equal pressure and avoid that pesky TPMS light when one of your tires is lower than the other 3.

Deflate your tires easily for the trails and keep your hands warm. Compressor is NOT included in the price, the kit comes with FLEXZILLA hoses that remain flexible in -50C weather, manifold, tire pressure gauge and coupling for your compressor to the hose kit. Bring your compressor or tire inflating device when you pick it up and will install the fitting for you.

This kit will fit up to a double cab, long box pickup truck, but we can make them longer at your request, to work with larger equipment and dually pickup trucks.


Price includes FREE shipping CANADA wide, for local pickup ($325) please TXT 403-483-5858

Flexzilla Inflater/Deflater Kit

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